Thursday, March 31, 2011

Legendary artist Frank Kozik designs a special art figure for Record Store Day 2011!

Frank Kozik, widely touted for single-handedly bringing back the lost art of the concert poster and currently one of the most prolific and popular contemporary artists in the world, has created a special art figure for Record Store Day 2011!

This specially designed piece is a 5” figurine appropriately named RPM. Hidden in the Blind Box are 4 unique figures, The Anarchy Punk, The Super Hero, The Monster and The Let’s Party Bear. The figures will be limited to only 5,000 pieces (1500 each of the Punk/Hero/Monster and 500 Let’s Party) and available on Record Store Day at participating record stores, comic shops and the Coachella Festival. Stop by your local ZIA Records on Record Store to pick up the figures for just $9.99 each, regularly priced at $15.99!

RPM is just one of a long line of varied creations that Kozik has brought into the world over the past three decades. Initially inspired by the music scene back in the mid-eighties in Austin, TX, Kozik designed an iconic new look for concert posters that caught on nationwide, then worldwide and was widely covered by such media outlets as Newsweek, Rolling Stone and Spin. In 2002, Kozik went on to enter into the intriguing art world of Urban Vinyl figures and has since designed signature pieces for Kid Robot, Toy2R, Adfunture, Jamungo in addition to custom pieces for his own brand, Ultraviolence. Kozik has created iconic art pieces and vinyl figures with his Smorkin’ Labbit series, The Hate Dunny, Dr. Bomb, Mongers and Chumps to name just a few! Based in the Bay Area, Kozik has built a virtual empire from his innovative and acclaimed creations.

Record Store Day is honored by Frank Kozik’s involvement and collaboration in the 2011 event, slated for Saturday, April 16th and Kozik returns the sentiment:
"I first became aware of independent creative thought and art through the efforts of MY local record stores, many years ago. I firmly believe that nothing can replace the walk into a place where you can lay hands on to new stuff and energy. I am very pleased to be able to support Record Store Day in its message of SUPPORT THE INDEPENDENTS. It's the only honest source."

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