Thursday, March 25, 2010

ZIA RECORDS release "You Heard Us Back When, Volume 4" Local Music compilation on National Record Store Day, April 17th!

ZIA Record Exchange is celebrating our 30th Anniversary this year. Born of the vision of our founder Brad Singer in 1980, we are proud to be here 30 years later, stronger than ever. We remain committed to promoting local musicians and offering the largest selection of local music around.

When we got the idea to revive the ZIA tradition of releasing a compilation of local artists for the inaugural National Record Store Day in 2008, we didn't dream it would lead us to our fourth volume in the series within two years. There are a LOT of great artists in Arizona and Nevada, and to prove it we've made this our biggest compilation ever! Two discs and 30 tracks in honor of 30 great years.

We're once again donating proceeds to Ear Candy, a locally based charity devoted to providing children access to music education by donating instruments for in-school and after-school music programs. visit them at for more information. To find out about the artists featured on this compilation visit We feel humbled and blessed to be in the company of good friends and great musicians. Here's to another 30 years!

And remember....ZIA LOVES YOU!


1) Dust Jacket "Manhattan Mausoleum" (Phoenix)
2) Kirkwood Dellinger "Mother's Claw" (Phoenix)
3) Matthew Reveles "Kiterunner PSA" (Phoenix)
4) Jonathan Sakas "Marie" (Phoenix)
5) Hashknife Outfit "City Livin'" (Phoenix)
6) The New F-O's "Feel Good" (Phoenix)
7) Dry River Yacht Club "Happy Endings (Love Lost)" (Phoenix)
8) What Laura Says "Gardener of Wonders" (Phoenix)
9) Robot Tank "Let Down" (Phoenix)
10) The Heartless "Pins & Needles" (Phoenix)
11) Courtney Marie Andrews "The Buffalo & The Bird" (Phoenix)
12) Troy's Bucket "Chad Likes Goth Girls" (Tucson)
13) Kinch "Carolina Cannonball" (Phoenix)
14) Godhunter "Evergreen" (Tucson)
15) Bash The Band "The Angels Cry" (Phoenix)

1) Horae "Mind Without A Heart" (Tucson)
2) Mike Superhero "Love For The Kick" (Tucson)
3) The Ghost of 505 "Good Reasons" (Tucson)
4) Abandoned By Heroes "Get Rich Quick" (Tucson)
5) ...Music Video? "You're Not In Love" (Tucson)
6) Gooder "Goodbye" (Phoenix)
7) Yellow Minute "Car Ride In Greece" (Phoenix)
8) DFACTOR "When I Go Away" (Phoenix)
9) One Loud Secret "Let's Go" (Las Vegas)
10) Isle of Essence "Right Cross" (Phoenix)
11) Brazen Stir "Toucan Sun" (Tucson)
12) Jim Bachmann & The Day Drinkers "Good At A Bad Job" (Phoenix)
13) Yeller Bellies "Boomstick" (Las Vegas)
14) Monster Zero "Dead In My Bed" (Las Vegas)
15) Joe Blow and The Smoking Tires "She's Gonna Be Okay" (Las Vegas)

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